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Use the Full Power of GA to WP

With WordPress Analytics Pro, you can effortlessly integrate Google Analytics statistics, graphs, and user metrics into your WordPress websites. This includes features such as Google Analytics reports, Google Tag Manager, Demographic and interest reports, an Easy connection wizard, and Google Analytics 4 API.

All Stat Tracking in One Place

By integrating with your WordPress dashboard, you can keep track of your Google Analytics overview, stats, data, and graphs with ease. This allows you to save time and gain a clearer understanding of the most important content on your sites. You can also customize the data and dashboards to fit your specific needs. With the ability to monitor posts, pages, and referring links, you'll have access to real-time stats and analytics at your fingertips.


Easy GA Connect Wizard

  • Quick and easy connect
  • Connect via Google Analytics account
  • Connect via tracking ID
  • Create a custom API Project

Google Tag Manager

  • Full Tag Manager interface
  • Track and manage GTM tags
  • Enable built-in variables
  • Define custom variables
  • GTM plugin integration
  • Verify data sent to GTM

Complete Analytics Dashboard

  • Pulled from Google Analytics
  • Set viewing time period
  • Real-time stats and breakdowns
  • Sessions, users, and page views
  • Average time on page and bounce rate
  • Track medium, social networks, and search engines
  • View top pages, posts, and countries
  • Track multisite analytics
  • WordPress dashboard analytics widget

User Roles & Permissions

  • Control who sees reports
  • Limit capabilities
  • Give users access to specific data

Display Ad Integration

  • One-click enable
  • Activate Google Display Advertising
  • Add demographic and interest reports

IP Anonymization

  • Mask personal information
  • Collected IP addresses cannot be used by Google
  • Comply with GDPR and other local regulations

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