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Learn WP with our Videos

Incorporate 40+ exceptional video tutorials and personalized training playlists into your WordPress dashboard, and benefit from full Wistia, YouTube, and Vimeo compatibility. You can conserve an abundance of time that you might have to spend researching by adding these videos straight into your WP admin section. Also, we constantly update our video library for an enhanced learning experience on how to manage your WordPress website.

High Quality & Updated

Our WordPress training videos are professionally produced, consistently updated with each new version of WordPress and feature high-quality recordings. You'll have access to unlimited plays and bandwidth, ensuring that you're never restricted in your learning journey.


Inline Videos Anywhere

  • Contextual video tutorials within WordPress
  • Add tutorials to WP dashboard
  • View via tooltips
  • Help drop-downs
  • Top-level menus
  • The content editor

Always Updated

  • Topics covering everything WordPress
  • Automatically updated with each version of WP
  • Created and curated by our experts

Fast & Secure Streaming

  • Hosted on powerful servers not using your own
  • Unlimited play and bandwidth
  • SSL compatible

Custom Videos & Playlists

  • Create your own videos and playlists
  • Add any video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia

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