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WordPress Website Builder

Goparels WordPress website builder is not just any WordPress builder - It's an innovative website construction platform that provides a far superior visual editor, replacing the conventional WordPress post editor. This technology is perfect for both design professionals and novices, allowing the creation of stunning designs with ease and speed, making it, unlike any other WordPress website you've ever built. With pre-built themes, you can have a website up and running in no time. These themes consist of many different fields, so every business or blogger has many variables to play with. You can even mix and match different pages and themes. There are no boundaries when using our optimized website builder.

Goparel introduces an innovative visual builder technology that raises the bar for WordPress website building. Unlike traditional WordPress themes, Goparel is an entire website-building platform that replaces the post editor with a highly advanced visual editor. This tool caters to both design experts and beginners alike, empowering them to produce awe-inspiring designs with remarkable ease and efficiency. With Drag & Drop Building, users can swiftly add or delete elements, move them around on the front end of their website without any coding or complex back-end options. Users can also enjoy True Visual Editing where they can create and modify pages using intuitive visual controls in real time with instant results without any hassle. There is also Custom CSS control so developers can simply merge Divi's visual design controls with their unique custom CSS.

Goparel ensures that its interface is uncomplicated yet not restrictive. Building beautiful responsive websites is a breeze with Responsive Editing as you have complete control over how your platform looks on mobile devices. Users can enjoy Design Options Galore with numerous unique page elements and a wide range of design choices to tailor your WordPress website's aesthetic to your liking. And, Inline Text Editing has never been more straightforward with a single click and start typing. Goparel enables users to work on draft pages on the front end and see the results quickly as they type. Additionally, it comes packed with over 2,000 complimentary website layouts with diverse royalty-free photos, icons, and illustrations frequently supplemented.

Goparel isn't just a WordPress theme; it is a comprehensive design framework that allows users to customize every element of their website meticulously from the ground up. Users have control over every tiny detail, creating their ideal website. With its built-in marketing tools, Goparel offers not only powerful design tools but also tools to help users make their websites successful. For web design professionals, Goparel's speed and efficiency are positively stunning. Goparel isn't just an ordinary website builder for beginners but also an advanced design system that elevates team workflow to the next level.


Hover State Styling

By utilizing hover options, impressive hover effects can be produced, converting modules into entertaining and interactive components. Our distinct hover option interface is user-friendly and simple to operate. It's now feasible to customize any design setting in the website builder that supports transitions with ease, simply by hovering over it.

Responsive Editing

With this website builder, creating responsive websites couldn't be simpler. Not only is it already responsive by default, but it goes a step beyond by granting you full command over every design aspect on various mobile devices. This means that you can precisely customize the look of each element for desktops, tablets, and smartphones to your liking.

Fonts & Text Styling

You can have access to a wide variety of text and font options. You have the choice of selecting from hundreds of web fonts or even uploading your own. You can personalize the text sizes, letter spacing, and line height. You can change the font weights and styling according to your preference. You also have full control over all standard text elements, such as anchor links, lists, and block quotes.

Shape Dividers

Custom shapes and unique effects can be incorporated on your website pages to generate dynamic transitions between distinct content blocks while lending them a personal touch. You can place Shape Dividers above or below each segment of your site, enabling you to create appealing transition effects with ease and build stunning page layouts.

Border Options

The powerful border editor enables you to add borders to any element and apply rounded corners. You can adjust the size, color and style of the borders, as well as create distinctive effects by modifying each edge of your desired element independently.

Transform Controls & Effects

With Goparel, you have the ability to manipulate elements on the page in a manner that is usually exclusive to graphic design software such as Photoshop and Sketch. This includes moving elements around, adjusting their size, rotating them on three different axes, and modifying their skew and transform-origin with efficiency. These transformations are executed through an intuitive and streamlined interface, which simplifies the process for users.

Advanced Code Editing

Experience the pleasure of using a comprehensive code editor that simplifies the writing and editing process. The tool offers a range of exceptional features such as error reporting, syntax highlighting, color picking, auto-complete, search, replace, and multi-line select functionality. Additionally, you can include custom CSS to any element or integrate your own code into any webpage by utilizing the code module.

Filters & Effects

With a variety of filters and effects such as Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Invert, Blur, Opacity and Sepia, it's effortless to modify and improve the appearance of any element. Additionally, you can generate breathtaking designs utilizing background blend modes.

Drop Shadows

Elevate your web page's appearance by producing tailored drop shadows that can be effortlessly created without the need to handle any graphic design software. You have complete authority over the shadow's dimensions, location, hue, and strength, providing you with additional depth and a professional-looking layout.

Text Shadows

Easily enhance your text with visually appealing effects by applying text shadows using our intuitive presets or customize your own text shadows through a comprehensive range of controls.


You can effortlessly incorporate animations to every element with the option to use pre-existing animation presets or create your own animations by adjusting the animation type, speed, and direction. You can amaze your site's visitors by implementing striking animations that activate when elements appear on the screen as the user scrolls through the page.

Background Images, Colors, Gradients, & Videos

You can apply various customization options like background colors, gradients, images, and even videos to any element. You can experiment with fun overlapping gradient and image effects, blend modes, and merge colors and images to create unique designs.

Background Masks & Patterns

By using background masks, it is possible to block out parts of background images, gradients, or videos and generate novel shapes. This feature leads to a vast range of design options and creates appealing and featherweight shapes without demanding graphic designing tools like Photoshop. Besides, masks can be integrated with patterns to superimpose patterns onto the background items for more textural appeal.

Sticky Headers & Stacking

Sticky elements remain visible on the screen while a user scrolls up and down a webpage. These elements can be anchored to the top and bottom of the browser and can even be stacked on top of each other. Sticky elements are commonly used to highlight important information like menus, navigation, or other relevant content, helping to maintain user engagement and build a cohesive narrative as they navigate through the website.

Advanced Animation & Scroll

Create captivating motion effects that respond to user scrolling and engagement. These dynamic animations are anything but static, providing an interactive and immersive experience for your visitors. With these motion effects, you can craft impressive designs that capture your audience's interest and maintain their focus throughout their visit.

Advanced Display Conditions

With the condition options, you can expertly manage display logic on any element. Based on parameters that you define like user role, date and time, post information, and website location, you can set up conditions to either hide or display different elements. The advanced condition options allow for a lot of functionality. For example, you can show specific product information to customers dependent on their purchase history or exhibit customized content based on user login status, even creating content that is only visible during a sale and setting it to disappear automatically once the sale is over. As such, there is a great deal of flexibility and potential in the use of advanced display conditions.

Multi-Select & Bulk Editing

Goparel offers an outstanding Multi-Select feature, allowing users to select several elements simultaneously by pressing the Cmd or Ctrl button and clicking on them. This enables users to modify these elements together, such as editing their content and styles or relocating them as a group to another spot on the page.

Find & Replace Styles

With find and replace, you can make comprehensive modifications to your entire page without investing multiple hours in manual editing. It facilitates changing design parameters like fonts or colors site-wide or in specific locations. Instead of opening each element of the page individually and modifying colors repeatedly, simply apply the find and replace feature on the complete document. It's an amazing time-saver.

Magic Color Manager

Goparel has the ability to automatically save your recently used colors and make them easily accessible. It provides a customizable color palette, according to your preferences. Furthermore, using advanced color theory, Goparel generates an exclusive extended color palette that includes various suggested colors that are guaranteed to enhance the appearance of your webpage.

Copy & Paste Styles

The feature of copying and pasting styles between elements is a revolutionary advancement. With Goparel, any style can be transferred from one element to another efficiently. It enables users to transfer individual or groups of settings, as well as an entire design from one element to another on the same page. Consequently, there is no longer a need to repeatedly alter design settings, as it simplifies the process through copy and paste functionality.

Extend-able Styles

Goparel's extend styles feature enhances design efficiency significantly. It allows users to reuse a style that they have created on any other part of the page, such as different locations or even across the entire page, with ease. This function enables multiple elements' rapid updates at once without any hassle. This feature also grants users control over where and which objects their styles should be extended to. As an example, if a user designs an impeccable box shadow and border style for an image, this feature allows them to extend that design effortlessly to dozens of images on the website.

Quick Actions

The Quick Action system is a comprehensive search and execution tool that can assist you in locating settings or gaining clarity on how various functions operate within the builder. Additionally, you can perform advanced tasks such as element addition or layout loading. With a few keystrokes, you can swiftly navigate to different parts of the builder or jump to other pages and WordPress administrative areas, making it extremely efficient and time-saving.

Layers View

To view a hierarchical structure of your content, access the layers view panel. From there, you can interact with and manipulate individual layers while continuing to work on your page. You have the ability to move content through drag-and-drop functionality, copy and paste, and utilize the layers panel for swift navigation across lengthy pages.

Drag & Drop Uploading

You can simply drag and drop various media files onto your page, which will instantly upload and become visible in your design. You can even import entire layouts by dragging and dropping them. Additionally, you can drag in new web fonts, text files, videos, and other elements without having to go through the WordPress media library.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Utilizing keyboard shortcuts can tremendously boost your efficiency, and Goparel offers a comprehensive array of keyboard shortcuts to expedite the workflow for advanced users. Once you develop a habit of employing these shortcuts, you will be astounded by how much it streamlines your work process, and perhaps even question how you managed without them beforehand.

Quick Access To Element Styling

The website builder includes various elements with an extensive range of design configurations. In addition to this, it provides a user-friendly interface that enables you to search and filter through these settings with ease, allowing you to quickly access your previously modified settings. There's also an option to view modified styles that shows all the active settings, sparing you the need to go through the full set of choices. This feature is quite similar to the "view computer styles" option in Google Chrome.

Search-able Settings

Goparel's settings can be searched easily. Rather than navigating through various option categories to locate a specific one, you can simply begin typing in the search bar when you open the settings window and the related results will be filtered out. Even if you're aware of where to locate an option, using the search function is quicker. There's no need to switch between different tabs and groups. For instance, if you wish to modify your background color, just type in "background-color," and the option will promptly appear.

Filterable Settings & Search

Goparel's settings can be filtered based on different criteria to achieve better search results. You can apply various search filters to narrow down your search and quickly locate what you need. For example, the search results can be sorted into distinct groups like modified styles, responsive designs, or hover styles.

Email Opt-in Provider Support

Goparl's email opt-in module can help you build your email marketing lists effortlessly. With its broad range of email provider support, you can create lists on almost every platform. Moreover, Goparel enables you to build segmented lists and collect unique information from subscribers through its customizable fields feature. Additionally, it is equipped with GDPR compliance features, ensuring the safety and privacy of your subscriber's data.

Pricing Tables

Goparel provides a variety of page components and pricing tables are one of them. With a broad selection of design and content options available, you can design persuasive product sales pages.

Contact Form Building

Use a comprehensive contact form builder that allows you to fully utilize all its features. Generate tailored form fields that can gather any data type from your audience. Employ advanced conditional logic to both hide and selectively display certain input fields. Utilize an abundant choice of design options to style each input field uniquely.

Social Following

Goparel's social follow module and sharing system can assist you in enhancing your social media presence. By using these features, you can effectively promote your social media profiles and increase your social following.

Built In Split-Testing

The split testing system with Goparel is an effective approach. It enables you to conduct tests on anything and everything. You can test various designs and content against each other while setting customized goals to evaluate their performance. Goparel offers valuable insights and helps you choose the best version based on proven results. By selecting the best alternative, you can enhance your website's conversion rate.

Builder Settings & Controls

The builder interface provides multiple options to personalize your building experience. Our aim is to not constrain you within fixed UI conventions but, rather, empower you with the freedom to design websites according to your preferences.

Quick Page Creation

When a new page is created using Goparel, it provides convenient access to numerous pre-built layouts and previously saved layouts. Users can either duplicate already existing pages or initiate from scratch with ease.

A Fluid & Intuitive Interface

The interface is unique, characterized by unobtrusiveness and remarkable fluidity. It allows you to customize your workspace by moving around interface elements and repositioning tools. Unlike other user interfaces, it doesn't restrict you to specific UI conventions; instead, you can select the mode that best works for you. Further, it adjusts itself according to your screen size, and never hinders your progress.

Builder View Modes

Goparel offers various ways to build your project, providing you with the flexibility to switch between different view modes as per your preference or requirements. You can zoom in and out, toggle through mobile device views, choose from distinct interaction modes, or construct your page structures swiftly using wire-frame mode. The choice is yours to make.

Header & Footer Builder

With the Theme Builder, one can easily produce personalized headers and footers for any section of their website by utilizing the numerous layout options and modules available.

Post & Product Template Builder

The Theme Builder enables you to develop site-wide templates for posts and products, altering the post format across your entire website. You do not need to individually design each post using Goparel, nor code Child Themes for modifying the theme structure. The builder allows you to design everything and automatically display post information using the Dynamic Content system.

Translated in 32 Languages

In addition to translating front-end elements, we have extended the localization of the theme to encompass the interface of the WordPress Website Theme Builder, comprising all form fields and descriptions. Upon enabling an RTL language in your WordPress Dashboard, both the Goparel and front-end of your website will switch automatically to RTL mode.

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