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WordPress Website Performance

Goparel's ultimate performance suite provides you with a centralized dashboard that enables you to monitor, analyze and optimize the performance of all your websites.

With this suite, you can easily identify HTML, Javascript, and CSS files that can be compressed, combined, or relocated to maximize website performance. It also includes a built-in Safe Mode that allows you to test changes before pushing them live. With Goparel's ultimate performance suite, you can easily optimize your website's assets while ensuring the safety and simplicity of the process. No more unreliable performance tools leading to a site seeing more red than green. This performance plugin is perfect for all users - whether you prefer simple one-click solutions, or fine-tuning site performance down to the last CSS file.



Performance Test & Reports

  • Desktop and mobile results
  • Monitor site metrics
  • View passed/failed metrics
  • Chrome user experience report

Monitor & Optimize Response Time

  • Ensure your sites are up to speed
  • Monitor server response time
  • Adjust reporting time period

Run Speed Tests

  • Run Google PageSpeed test
  • PS audits + metrics pass/fail
  • Fix PS recommendations
  • Get instant insights

Full Caching Suite

  • Store temporary data on visitor devices
  • One-click activate
  • Page caching
  • Browser caching
  • Gravatar caching
  • RSS caching
  • Automatic or manual

Complete Asset Optimization

  • Compress and better organize assets
  • Improve page load speed
  • Automatic or manual optimization mode
  • Include/exclude specific files
  • Safe Mode to test changes
  • Super-compress files
  • View file size reductions

GZIP Compression

  • Compress web pages and stylesheets
  • Reduce file transfer time
  • CSS, JavaScript, HTML

Advanced Tools

  • Uptime monitor
  • Database cleanup
  • Lazy load
  • Performance reports

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