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WordPress Image Optimization

Goparels tools that optimize website images to improve load time and SEO.

Many websites have images that can take up 20%-60% of the site’s weight, which can negatively impact page speed. This helps resolve Google & Gtmetrix image recommendations within minutes by allowing you to bulk optimize, compress, and resize unlimited images using an easy-to-use dashboard. Its advanced compression algorithm removes unnecessary data from images, reducing file size without compromising quality. Additionally, it uses smart compression by converting PNG to JPEG where possible to further reduce file size while maintaining image quality. This is a high-quality tool that does so much with minimal effort.

All features

  • Bulk compress unlimited images
  • Super Smush - 2x compression
  • Automatic optimization on upload
  • Parallel processing - 3x faster compression
  • Continue optimization after leaving the plugin
  • Compress unlimited large images (up to 32MB)
  • Perfect-fit auto image resize
  • Lazy Loading for all images
  • WebP file conversion
  • Serve local WebP images
  • PNG to lossy JPEG conversion
  • One-click compress existing images
  • Compress or save original image files
  • Multisite global and subsite settings
  • Lossy compression
  • Amazon S3 plugin integration
  • WP Offload Media plugin integration
  • NextGEN Gallery compatible
  • Preserve or remove EXIF data
  • WP Retina 2x plugin support
  • Envira Gallery Support
  • Avada Fusion Builder Support
  • Dedicated smushing servers
  • WPML media compatible
  • Progress and savings reporting
  • Asynchronous compression
  • Bulk apply settings to all sites (configs)
  • Optimize directory images
  • Bulk restore images
  • Disable scaled images
  • Image resize detection

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